Razer introduces ‘world’s smartest face mask’with built-in mic

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The gaming company,Razer has unveiled its prototype during the CES tech convention, which includes a built-in microphone to amplify the users’ voice and prevent muffled speech.

The design includes active ventilation, allowing the wearer to exhale warmer air whilst inhaling cooler air.

The company says the mask is classified as an N95 surgical mask – is made of transparent plastic, which makes it easier to lip read and recognise facial cues.

Although a see-through mask isn’t new, the Razer notes the covering comes with a “low light mode”, meaning the interior automatically lights up when it goes dark, and illuminates the user’s mouth.

The firm says this lets you “express yourself clearly regardless of the lighting conditions”.

As noted by The Verge, the concept product – which isn’t on sale yet – is still testing the ventilators’ longevity, and when filters need changing.

The patented ‘voiceamp’ feature – which a built-in mic and amplifier – is possibly the most technologically advanced feature, while a silicon fitting keeps the mask comfortable and stops it touching or resting on your mouth.

Meanwhile, Razer also points to thicker ear loops which apply less pressure.

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