Zipline To Start Delivery of Supplies to Northern Region by End of February

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[sg_popup id=”32078″ event=”Inherit”][/sg_popup] By the end of February, Zipline, the drone delivery company, will start delivering medical supplies to health facilities across the Savannah, Northern, North East and Upper East Regions.

Simon Batamya Aseno, the community lead at Zipline gave the updates and said all the designated points of delivery would be served in the aforementioned regions.

“Our service coverage is about 80 kilometers and by air, if you are going 80 kilometers, you go the shortest distance between here and your destination,” he stated.

He stated that Zipline had begun with Regional entries to ensure that Regional stakeholders were aware of the technology, and they would soon move to sensitize members of the public at the various community levels and also engage the media to spread information about the technology.


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