IHS organizes Telecoms 2019 Conference

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To ensure continued development and solving issues in Nigeria’s telecommunications industry, the IHS Nigeria in collaboration with Thistle Praxis has organized a Conference themed ‘Power and Telecommunications Synergy: Building Strategic Alliances for Broadband Pentration and Inclusive Prosperity’ at Landmark Event Centre Victoria Island Lagos, on October 8, 2019.

Similarly, the conference was initiated to address issues such as building harmonized regulations, investment sourcing and optimization of returns for broadband infrastructure with a three- panel discussions, two break-out sessions, thirteen exhibitions and a master class. Following the conference over 500 stakeholders with 50 companies in telecommunications and power sectors we’re present to promote the telecom industry.

The conference was a platform for opened opportunities for participants to engage in, constructive and interactive sessions with technology expertise aiming at integrating power solutions to achieve the NBP and bringing about shared wealth through the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Commenting on the conference, IHS Towers Senior Vice President, Co-founder and IHS Nigeria CEO, said, “This conference was strategically designed to provide insightful and constructive solutions to help achieve the nations vision for broadband growth and inclusive prosperity. The telecommunications sectors is of ultimate importance to the economic growth of Nigeria. We are excited to be part of those broader solutions emerging from the power and telecommunications sectors to address the country’s major challenges and those of West Africa at large”.

Darwish extended the need for both private and public sectors to collaborate on driving forward innovative solutions that will enable Nigeria to meet its growing demand for broadband connectivity.

“As of March 2019, according to the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC), broadband penetration in Nigeria was pegged at 33% and an increase to the 70% target will require everyone efforts. This endeavour is too complex to be addressed solely by government s, operators or society. This needs to be a shared goal. We must all work together to achieve connectivity nationwide”. Darwish added.

With great commitment, speaking at the event was Professor Umar Danbatta, NCC Executive Vice Chairman, said, ” We are thrilled to have been a part of the conference. Platforms like this are essential to both the growth of the industry and the overall economy. Prior to 2001,when Nigeria’s telecommunications sector was deregulation, Nigeria had only approximately 700,000 lines and was unable to meet the growing demand for telecommunications services. Since then, the telecoms industry has witnessed significant growth and progress; but it is important that we collectively seek ways to further improve the telecoms sector to drive opportunities and investment “.

According to a remark, Chairman Nigerian Electricity Regulation Commission Professor James Momoh, said, ” The power and telecommunications sectors are key economic pillars in Nigeria. Paying attention to their growth and development will only further the diversification of our economy. This conference was enlightening in terms of the various ways in which we can expand within and outside of our industry. It addressed key concerns that will ultimately lead to a better understanding of both industries.

It provided insight through engaging sessions with experts, which I believe will have significant impact in the near future”. James added.

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