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Peterking Quaye Liberia Youth IGF Chapter leader attends 2018 Internet Freedom Forum in Nigeria

Internet Freedom Forum now in it’s the sixth edition was held in the city of Abuja, organized by Paradigm Initiative, the Lagos-based social enterprise from April 24 to 26, 2018.
The forum comes at an important time when many Africans including Liberians fear for their freedom online. The event invited experts to deliberate on Africa’s digital rights and inclusion at the 2018 Internet Freedom Forum in Abuja.
Youth IGF-Liberia Chapter leader , Peterking Quaye was among the international delegated that attended the forum . He was selected from a list of 700 applicants who applied for fellowship to attend the event according to the organizers . In all delegates from some thirty countries, including Uganda, Kenya, Namibia, Tanzania, South Africa, Cameroon, Togo, United Kingdom and the United States attend the 2018 Internet Freedom Forum in Abuja. The Forum, over the years, has gained the reputation as the platform where experts deliberate on issues relating to digital rights and inclusion. IFF2018 provides an important platform to discuss issues that bother many Africans.
Speaking on his role at the event , he said “I am play a role to support a regional report on the state of digital right in Liberia” this support will present the digital profile of Liberia currently as well empower me on topical issue like digital security, digital right ,data protection and general data protection regulation .
The Youth IGF-Liberia leader said his outfit will continue to attract more interest of the youth especially in school to the issues of internet, and how useful it is for them. “We are doing our best to promote positive use of the internet among students and in communities”, the forum meet from school to school to spread the value of ICT to development he add. The Youth IGF-Liberia for some years has been keen in hosting safer internet day, school forum and more engagement in communities. It intend to promote works ICANN and other internet organization in Liberia.
The sessions and side-sessions at IFF 2018 covered some of the most pertinent themes relating to digital rights and inclusion in Africa. These include, “How to Ruin Elections in Africa”, “Cybercrime Laws and Freedom of Expression”, “Bridging Gender Knowledge Gap in Wikipedia.”
The forum discussed the state of internet in various African countries with the report from scores of, “Gender, Open Data and AI: Intersecting for Digital Equality”, “Empowering Human Rights Defenders in Digital Era In Africa” and “Building a Healthy Internet in Africa.”

The Forum was held at the NAF Conference Centre, Abuja, supported by organisations including Microsoft, Ford Foundation, Google, Facebook, Premium Times, The Guardian and Civicus. Session organisers at the Forum include Amnesty International, Web Foundation, BudgIT, and Mozilla.

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