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OfferZen Launches Monthly Billing

South African developer recruitment platform Offer Zen has achieved 500 companies hiring through its platform, and has launched a new billing model to spur ongoing client acquisition.

Disrupt Africa reported last year Offer Zen launched to market, with 100 companies listing software developer vacancies on the platform within the first six months of launch.

Offer Zen aims to shake up the South African jobs market placing developers “at the top of the foodchain”, by asking companies to send developers interview requests containing detailed information on upfront salary, benefits, company culture and work environment so that developers can compare multiple offers.

The startup has now hit the milestone of 500 companies hiring developers via its platform, including big-name companies like Get Smarter, Takealot, Barclays, Old Mutual, Allan Gray and, as well as startups like Sweep South and Yoco.

To encourage ongoing uptake of the recruitment service, Offer Zen has announced the introduction of a new billing model – offering an alternative to the 12.5% upfront fee.

The new pricing model involves monthly billing, with Offer Zen taking 1.5% of a candidate’s first-year salary every month for 10 months.

We chat to Philip and Malan Joubert, founders of Offer Zen as well as a number of noteworthy apps such as Snap Scan, Pondering Panda, and Apps against Ebola…

Companies using the new pricing model only pay as long the developer keeps working at the company. If for any reason the employment relationship ends before the 10 months are up, Offer Zen will stop invoicing immediately.

The monthly model is in particular aimed at startups recruiting new talent, with Offer Zen saying it makes it significantly easier for startups to build development teams by removing the upfront capital outlay.

“As a startup ourselves, we know the cost of finding and hiring the right talent can put a lot of strain on your cashflow,” says Philip Joubert, co-founder of Offer Zen.

“The monthly pricing model is open to all our customers, but we designed it with startups in mind. Upfront costs often prevent startups from hiring the people they need, but with this new model we’re expecting them to be able to grow their teams much faster.”

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