Summing-Up the Importance of Big Data

Word Cloud "Big Data"

By the year 2020, around 1.7 megabytes of new information will be generated for each human being every other second. Are you also aware of the fact that in a minute we can send around 204 million E-mails and when it comes to utilization of let us say, Facebook, people share around 30 billion pieces of data every day? What do you call this? This is Big Data.

This is a fact. If you are a business owner, you cannot survive the game unless you can manage a massive amount of data. Not just manage a massive amount of data, but manage it simultaneously. You must have this unique way to preserve all those loads and loads of data that you are dealing with on a routine basis. And, in near future we would need to discover a yet new, yes you heard me right, a yet new and innovative science of storing data from various sources starting from the highly confidential government documents to the scores of digital data that we generate every day each minute.

It is the future. Big Data is the future that is soon going to replace all conventional concepts of data management and data warehousing and the new generation is all set to break these existing contingencies that is preventing us from embracing more and more data.

It is a revolution set to change the world of Information Technology and communication and the way data is perceived and stored.

A business that will succeed should be capable of dealing with the oceans of data that we are generating each day. There should be some innovative method with which you can transform this raw data into a form that could help you understand in-depth about the customers, competitors, and the market in real time. Also, you need a technique that would help you to measure and manage the performance of all the valid data parameters in your data couture more accurately and this is the scenario wherein Big Data enters providing you a better interface on Data Analytics.

When volume, velocity and type of data tends to exceed the organization’s storage or compute capacity making it difficult to devise accurate and timely decisions, then, comes the Big Data, the game changer, your saviour. And, all organizations are in need of Big Data at some point or the other as it is impossible to deal with immense volume, velocity and different types of data simultaneously when it exceeds a pre-set limit.

The amount of digital information that we are generating each and every day tends to exceed the limit that sums up to a total of information we have been generating since the beginning of the year 2003. And, to add some cream to the cake, 90% of all existing information was created in the past two years, which means in the last one year there was information generation like never before in the history. This is Big Data ….it is here to stay.

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