BlackBerry, Zimperium Collaborates to Aid Enterprise, Govt Fight Mobile Threat


Global software leader in securing, connecting and mobilizing enterprises, BlackBerry Limited and provider of the industry’s first mobile threat management platform, Zimperium Inc, are collaborating to deliver enterprise and government customers with comprehensive mobile threat detection, risk analysis and prevention for both iOS and Android devices.

Available now, Zimperium’s zIPS integrates with BlackBerry’s Good Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform and BES12, which is part of the Good Secure EMM Suites from BlackBerry.

According to Dave Kleidermacher, Chief Security Officer at BlackBerry “Good Dynamics and BES12 integrated with Zimperium zIPS offers comprehensive threat detection, visibility and protection against network, device and application mobile attacks on corporate apps and data,”. “This is another example of how BlackBerry is working hard, every day, to secure, connect and mobilize the enterprise.”

“Safeguarding valuable corporate data is top of mind and of utmost importance to any enterprise,” said Shridhar Mittal, CEO of Zimperium. “Mobility is now a key component of business application deployments and remote workforce initiatives, providing more immediate access to data for mobile employees. Zimperium’s solution was explicitly designed to identify and classify zero-day attacks. Together Zimperium and BlackBerry guard their high-security containerized apps against sophisticated cyber criminals using advanced and targeted methods to penetrate a device, and ultimately the corporate infrastructure.”

zIPS protects against a broad array of device, network, and application mobile attacks. These attacks can include sophisticated OS/kernel exploitation or attempts to intercept Secure-Socket-Layer (SSL) encrypted network traffic. Zimperium also protects against malicious apps that may be on a user’s device, considered part of their personal use apps and yet adjacent to a containerized business app.

The zIPS solution continuously monitors the behavior of the underlying operating system in mobile devices in real time. It detects anomalies within the system’s CPU, memory and thousands of other parameters to automatically determine normal and malicious behavior, much like a doctor assessing the symptoms of a patient.

Once a deviation is identified and determined to be malicious, the device reports the attack and extensive details about the threat.This enables immediate remediation through the BlackBerry enterprise mobility management controls and policies, which allows for auto-responses to remotely lock or wipe containerized apps on the compromised device.

By using the Good Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform, organizations can ensure that every app deployed on the platform can meet the demanding requirements of the mobile enterprise. Good Dynamics is mobilizing a broad range of business apps, no matter if they are core collaboration apps, ISV apps, or custom-developed business apps.

Good Dynamics is also tightly integrated with BES12 for secure holistic end-to-end capabilities and available in the Good Secure EMM Suites from BlackBerry.

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