Galaxy Note10+ Receives DisplayMate’s Highest-Ever A+ Grade

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The results of DisplayMate’s comprehensive tests are in, and the world’s leading evaluator of video screens has concluded that the Galaxy Note10+ establishes a bold new standard for mobile displays – one that’s deserving of the firm’s highest-ever Excellent A+ grade.

As DisplayMate’s President, Dr. Raymond M. Soneira, explained, “The level of display performance and excellence has been increasing each year, and the Galaxy Note10+ has again raised the bar significantly higher.”

According to Soneira, the Galaxy Note10+ possesses “the most innovative and high-performance smartphone display that [DisplayMate has] ever lab tested.” During the evaluation, Samsung’s latest flagship outperformed its predecessor in several key categories, including brightness, reflectance ratio, color accuracy and blue light reduction.

Both the 6.3-inch, Full HD+ (2280×1080) Galaxy Note10 and the 6.8-inch, Quad HD+ (3040×1440) Galaxy Note10+ boast Samsung’s all-new Dynamic AMOLED Infinity-O Display. The smartphones’ immersive screens include a single small, centered camera cutout at the top that allows them to offer users an exceptionally high screen-to-window ratio.

The Galaxy Note10+’s peak brightness score of 1,308 nits is an improvement of 25 percent over the Galaxy Note9 (1,050 nits), while its screen reflectance ratio is the lowest that DisplayMate has ever measured on a smartphone (4.3 percent). The smartphones’ combination of high screen brightness and low screen reflectance allows them to offer better screen readability, picture quality and color accuracy in bright environments, such as when users are outdoors.

The Galaxy Note10+’s 0.4 Just Noticeable Color Difference (JNCD) is an improvement on the Galaxy Note9’s 0.5 JNCD score, and a testament to the device’s color accuracy. Put simply, the closer a display’s JNCD score is to zero, the more accurate its colors are. The Galaxy Note10+’s 0.4 JNCD score indicates that colors depicted on its display are virtually indistinguishable from perfect.

HDR10+ support enables the Galaxy Note10+ to depict high-resolution content, such as 4K UHD videos, as realistically as possible, while Dynamic Tone Mapping technology optimizes colors from scene to scene, ensuring that content is presented exactly as creators intended. During its tests, DisplayMate also found that the Galaxy Note10+ reduced up to 37.5 percent more blue light than the Galaxy Note9 – without compromising color accuracy.

Based on its outstanding performance throughout rigorous testing, it’s easy to see why DisplayMate described the Galaxy Note10+’s screen as “an excellent, top-tier, world-class smartphone display” and described Samsung as a company that “continues to systematically improve OLED displays.”

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