Orange Business Services to transform Sony’s global network

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Orange Business Services was contracted to consolidate and transform the communications infrastructure of Sony’s two largest operating companies initially into a harmonised, future-proof network. Built on the Orange Flexible SD-WAN platform, the new Sony network will connect more than 500 locations in over 50 countries across five continents.

Orange will now be Sony’s principal provider, providing a fully automated, intelligent network for all global business units over time. The SD-WAN platform will allow Sony to share IT talent and have complete visibility for improved global service agility.

With global service integration expertise and a local presence in more than 160 countries, Orange said it can promise visibility of the global infrastructure with less complexity. Sony’s corporate applications will be virtually available across business lines and regions in the cloud. The same applies for Sony’s IT service suppliers who can be onboarded and managed by Sony through a single user interface.

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