Instagram introduces new data saving features

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Social media platform, Instagram, has introduced new features to help its customers enjoy contents on the platform on a reduced amount of data.

You are an asset, insure your life(Opens in a new browser tab). It said with the opt-in mode, users can view their favourite contents on Instagram with reduced image loading time, by reducing the amount of data consumed on the mobile phone. According to the platform, users will now have three customizable options when viewing high-resolution media and pre-loading videos.

It said: “Go to “Settings,” then “Account,” then “Cellular Data Use” and then you will be able to turn this setting on, which will prevent the loading of videos and high-resolution media in advance. Once this setting is enabled, you’ll be able to choose among three options for how Instagram will show you high-resolution media including “Never,” “Wi-Fi Only,” and “Cellular + Wi-Fi. “We know that people have different data usage patterns and plans, so our hope with this new feature is to give more people the ability to connect with others and interests while we provide an uninterrupted browsing experience. This feature will be globally available on Android in the coming days,” it explained.


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