DHL Africa eShop Partners with MallforAfrica to Bring e-Commerce Giants to Africa

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Buying products from outside the country can be a challenge for some people. In fact, you have to be vastly informed of the available solutions and services, and even in cases where customers have access to legitimate importers, service/shipping fees and tax can be a little too high.

DHL Africa has been in the ecommerce business for an extended period. Its current partner for the new venture is MallForAfrica, a platform that has been used widely by a lot of people owing to its rich catalog of stores that users can shop from, and DHL looks forward to working with.

The firm says that its platform offers access to more than 200 US and UK online stores, effectively expanding the number of products a customer can purchase.

It is worth noting the platform is among the first ecommerce companies to allow customers to buy products using their local currency. The feature saves time and allows buyers such as those in Kenya make timely financial decisions before committing to a product.

DHL Africa eShop

As mentioned, the platform, which is referred to as the DHL Africa eShop will, on the whole, hone its service delivery to its customers in continental Africa by working together with MallfroAfrica.

The services are also available on DHL’s new smartphone app that is available for both Android and iOS users.

The app

Available here for Android phone users, the DHL smartphone app is the best way to shop from your favourite store in the US and UK using a mobile device. Using the service is self-explanatory: you download the app, go through a brief how-to user guide and then sign up for an account if you do not have one already.

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