Google Podcasts Update Lets Users Auto-Download New Podcast Episodes

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If you are a fan of podcasts, then you may have come across Google Podcasts app at some point. It is not a robust as the other podcasting applications but Google has been changing some things on the app to make it appealing.

The latest change on Google Podcasts makes it possible to automatically download the latest episodes of the podcasts you listen to. This option is available on most other podcasting apps but has been missing from Google Podcasts until now. Users of Google Podcasts will now be able to set new episodes of their favourite podcasts to auto download eliminating the need of manually looking for the episodes and downloading them.

I have been using Google Podcasts for close to a year and I find it very useful. It is not as good as the other established apps but still reliable. It lets users find and listen to their favourite podcasts and audio shows. It is available on Android only and this may limit its growth as most other competing apps are available on different platforms.
Google Podcasts makes it easier to sync podcasts across devices. It also allows users to instantly pick up from where they were using Google Assistant. Such options have made Google Podcasts appealing to those who are deep in Google’s ecosystem. They can start listening to an episode on their smartphones and then pick it up on their smart speaker.

If you want to auto-download new episodes, you can do so under the app’s settings menu. You can limit download to WiFi-only if you do not want to end up with outrageous data charges. You can also select the podcasts that will be included in the automatic downloads.

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