Tek Experts launches industry white paper

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Tek Experts, a leading global provider of business and IT support services, recently launched its white paper, titled “Achieving Gender Balance: Views from Across the IT Industry.”

The white paper, which is free for download on the company’s website, highlights a wide range of issues as identified by women in the Nigerian IT industry. These issues, ranging from persistent pay gap, lack of career growth opportunities for women, recruitment bias, general lack of inclusion and diversity in the IT industry amongst many others, were brought to light when the company launched a survey earlier in the year to feel the pulse of women on their unique experiences as women in the industry.

The survey, completed by over 2,000 women worldwide, was conducted in 5 countries where the company operates in – Bulgaria, Nigeria, Costa Rica, USA and Vietnam.

In Nigeria, over 300 women responded to the questions and survey findings show that 82 per cent of women felt discriminated against because of their gender during the recruitment process for an IT organization; 31 per cent of women do not get the same training opportunities as men and 76 per cent of women felt that policies promoting gender diversity in the IT industry should be strongly implemented by government and major companies, and much more.

Speaking on the launch of the whitepaper, the company’s Chief Executive Officer, Naama Saar said, “At Tek Experts we are deeply passionate about inclusion and diversity in the workplace and we’ve worked tirelessly to ensure we are a reflection of what we preach. We have implemented recruitment policies to achieve gender balance so we not only talk the talk; we also walk the walk. Our leadership team is almost entirely composed of women who have proven through their amazing track record in the industry that they deserve a seat at the table.”

“Also, the IT industry’s customer base is diverse, so I think this is something that should be reflected within companies themselves. Women definitely have a place and a value in this industry and there is a lot of added value to be gained by having women on your team. Tek Experts is certainly proof of that.”

Also speaking on the need to achieve gender balance in the workplace and in particular the IT industry, Tek Experts Nigeria Country Manager, Ashim Egunjobi said: “There is an absolute need to encourage women to take on more IT roles. Diversity is very important in every sector more so the IT sector because we develop lifestyle products, software and services that are essential for everyday living. Having both male and female perspectives helps to holistically understand what the end user needs and presents more than one way to solve a problem.”

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