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Traffic Police to Use Dash Cameras in Fighting Crime in Rwanda

A new traffic camera system meant to detect multiple traffic offences in all parts of the city will soon be tried out, traffic police has said.

Senior Supt. Jean Marie Vianney Ndushabandi, the spokesperson for traffic and road safety department said in an interview, there is a project to install “Dash cameras” in all traffic cars to detect all kinds of offenses in order to beef up security.

The development will see a reduction of policemen deployed on the roads as well as supporting the few who will be on traffic duty.

The move comes a few months after the government announced it would spend Rwf5 billion in the next fiscal year to purchase more CCTV cameras to be installed in different public spaces in the City of Kigali to beef up security.

Ndushabandi said that over time new security systems will be initiated depending on the need and affordability.

“Cities have large movements of people and big businesses, something that calls for special securing systems. Some cameras were installed in different parts of the city, others are used to detect drivers who violate traffic laws and those who delay to pay traffic fines,” he added.

Winnie Nabaasa, a custom care executive at tech firm Ison BPO Rwanda, finds the development very important because the country is fast developing as well as welcoming many guests and hosting international summits.

“It is a good idea because with the growing economy plus hosting important international meetings requires maximum security for both locals and visitors. Nabaasa said.

“Kigali is a developing city and it requires the latest high tech devices to safeguard Rwandans, investors and tourists. Business owners operating bars, shops, cinema centres amongst others ought to invest in such technology,” Bienvenue Nkunda, a businessman said.

According to Lawyer Antoine Mukamusoni, everyone should embrace the initiative saying that it will reduce the number of crimes as well as accelerating security in the community.

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