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Chrome Cleanup Alerts Google Chrome Users of Potential Threats

A new scanner and cleaner for Google Chrome, designed to help users browse the web safely and without interruption, have been launched by cybersecurity company, ESET.

Chrome Cleanup alerts Google Chrome users of potential threatsChrome Cleanup will alert Google Chrome users to potential threats when it detects unwanted software. Google Chrome will then give users the option to remove the software. It operates in the background, without visibility or interruptions to the user, deletes the software, and notifies the user once the cleanup has been successfully completed.

“Using the internet should always be a smooth and safe experience for everyone,” said Carey van Vlaanderen, CEO at ESET South Africa. Chrome Cleanup addresses unwanted software that can negatively influence a users’ experience on the internet.”

Chrome Cleanup will be available for all Google Chrome users running on Windows and is included in the latest version of Google Chrome.

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