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Vodafone Black: A Promise That Keeps On Giving

The Vodafone Black proposition ignited a new conversation in the telecoms industry when it was launched. For once, a telecommunications company had been bold to come forward with a renewed focus on a specific segment of its customer base – for once, a company had thought of how to approach what this customer class wanted- in a personalised, unlimited and bespoke nature.

Prior to the launch of Vodafone Black; the teasers had people guessing and wondering what was to come. The images and visibility sounded and looked different. In fact, at a point there was a lingering thought that Vodafone, as a company, was even on the verge of rebranding to reflect a new black image.

The Vodafone brand in Ghana is undisputed in its general appeal and endearment. If for nothing at all, the company transformed what was, otherwise, a generic Ghanaian telecom company – Ghana Telecom – when it took over in 2008. This was followed by a series of innovative products – the likes of One-Ghana-for-Your-Pocket, Vodafone-X; Vodafone-One; Vodafone-RED; Internet of things, Fibre-to-the-Home; are just a few of the products that have been introduced over the years to excite various segments of the market.

The company took pride in knowing exactly what customers – at various segmental market levels – wanted. For example, Vodafone-X, as a youthful proposition, has created a revolution in the country – amassing a youthful movement that is unequalled. On the enterprise side of things, Vodafone’s propositions led by Ready Business and RED continue to demonstrate what it means to be committed to the corporate and SME sectors.

Vodafone Black is a response to a specific craving by the high-value customer segment for comfort and reliability. As a caring brand, Vodafone’s insights revealed that this specific “high-value” customer wanted a completely hassle-free experience – no pressure to pay bills, personalisation, exclusivity, prompt responses to queries and a lot more.

Of a truth, companies such as Vodafone have come to realise how critical it is to attract and retain high-value customers. The normal tendency, most often than not, is that some companies generally assume that by simply working on their products and services, everything will fall into place. That assumption is far from the truth. Getting it right, requires a deeper appreciation of how each targeted segment thinks and operates. Businesses must consider a pricing mechanism that reflects great quality and value. It is about the pre and post-acquisition services that come with the product. It is also about the entire experience that the customer has on a day-to-day basis and this is where Vodafone Black comes in;

Vodafone Black is the first personalised unlimited experience exclusively designed for ultra-high value customers. It commits to delivering specially designed products and customer experiences to invited members. Among these deliverables are;

During the launch, which was attended by many high-profiled personalities, Chief Executive Yolanda Cuba said:

“Vodafone has come to appreciate and acknowledge the value that our high-end customers give us. Our pedigree as a telecommunications service provider is unquestionable, and that is the basis for the promise that Vodafone Black represents. Vodafone Black will change the way we engage with you; it will give us a chance to go above and beyond and to stop at nothing in making sure you are comfortable.”

There is no exaggeration the impact of Vodafone as a telecommunications company of choice in Ghana; however, typical of a high ambition company, it is not resting on its laurels to ensure customers are truly satisfied and Vodafone Black is definitely a step-up.

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