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MTN Cautions against Fraudsters… As Mobile Money Month Is Launched

The Mobile Financial Services for MTN, Eli Hini, has stated that the immense growth of digital payment service has attracted fraudsters who try to scam customers.

He has cautioned consumers to beware of such imposters and that the Telecommunications Network, MTN will do everything within its power to stop this act.

“But economic transformation through digital financial services is being challenged by the activities of some nefarious individuals.

“I would encourage everyone to be extra vigilant of fraudulent acts and activities….We also encourage our customers to take advantage of the short videos and safety tips on Mobile Money and Fraud avoidance provided by MTN to educate themselves,” he advised.

Giving the keynote address on the theme “Expanding Digital Payments for Economic Transformation” , Eli Hini, General Manager, Mobile Financial Services for MTN, said gone were the days when money was remitted through people and commercial drivers with its attendant risks and uncertainties. Additionally, in times past we had to join long queues to undertake very basic money transfers but the introduction of the mobile money service has taken away these burdensome procedures.

Mr. Hini further explained that the MoMo service has been growing significantly in Ghana through MTN’s education and awareness creation efforts.

Only about 33 percent of Ghanaians have bank accounts of any sort. This means majority of the money in the hands of Ghanaians is outside the banking system. The General Manager said this year’s MoMo Month-long celebration will help to bring more of the unbanked into the financial system.

“The success of the Mobile Money Service in Ghana is evident and we anticipate that through the activities scheduled for this month, more of Ghana’s unbanked population will sign on to the digital financial services platform.”

“This year marks the 6 anniversary of the Mobile Money Month celebration and as a result of the constant awareness creation and education, today, the MTN Mobile Money platform has over 6.2 million active users (30) days and over 75,000 active agents nationwide,” Eli Hini disclosed. As part of this month’s celebration, wallet-to-wallet MTN transactions below Ghs5 will be free for the first two transactions and also subscribers will enjoy 50 percent bonus data if the data was bought with MTN mobile money amongst others.

Some of the other activities lined up for the month-long celebration include a stakeholder conference, campus activations in tertiary institutions, a hackathon app completion, workshops with agents and merchants, regional activations and other.

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