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Infinix Note 4 & 4 Pro Unveiled in Ghana

Infinix, one of Ghana’s fastest growing mobile phone companies has released onto the Ghanaian market its latest brand from the Note family which is “Note 4 & 4 Pro”.

The silk phones which are themed “5 minutes charge, 250 minutes talk” is now packed and powerful with mobility featuring 5.7FHD Screen, Xcharge 4.0, 2.5D Touch panel, 3GB RAM and finger print sensor.

Coming with the stylish stylus “Xpen” which offers great functionally for Infinix Note 4 & 4 Pro users, they can now take down notes, sketch; create shortcuts on the Xnotes app on the phone.

Speaking to during a fans meeting in Accra, the KOM Manager of Infinix Ghana said, “the Note 4 Pro is actually for the business class of people, people who actually wants to take charge of their life. So, with the Note3 we had the slogan 5 minutes charge 200 minutes talk, but with the Note 4 Pro, we have upgraded it a little. So, it’s now 5minutes charge 250minutes talk. And the Note 4 Pro which comes with an X pen which has much functionality that makes the use of the phone very amazing.

At Infinix we have four product categories; we have the Note series, the zero series, the Hot series and the X series. It is very affordable, the Note4 goes for GHS640 and the Note4 pro soon when it comes out, will be around GHS700,” he added.

According to the Manager, users should expect longer battery life, they should expect a smart phone that can help you take charge of your life, while allowing them to multi-task.

“Some people confuse multi-tasking with recent Apps which is not so. Multi-tasking can actually split your phone into two and make you use two Apps at the same time.”

The phone runs on OS Andriod Nougat 7.0 out of the box, infused with the Infinix UI’XOS 2.3, dual color LED Flash 13MP AF back camera, 8MP-mega pixels front camera, and a 1.3GHz 64bits Octa-core processor.

Also with a finger print recognition the Note 4 & 4 Pro comes with an expandable storage space to 128gb and 3GB RAM, with full 4G support that allows very easy internet connectivity.

The Public Relations Officer of Infinix Ghana Lawrence Akakpo speaking during the fans meeting stated that the current Note 4 Pro which is from the Notes family of Infinix is the best phone users can have today in the country.

Mr. Akakpo stated that, “this time we used a different material to design the back of the phone, we used metal print to make it look more fashionable and more stylish to make the young people think it is very good for them and it fits their styles.”

“Our phones can compete with other brands on the market because it is very affordable and also our spark is better than other phones and we have some Apps in the phones to protect it from being affected by viruses,” he noted.

According to a Phone customer, he believes the Note 4 & 4 Pro would be the best Infinix Smartphone in Ghana this year. There’s no doubt to what he said. “Indeed, Infinix is ready to sweep off the Ghanaian market once again.”

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