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Edo Gets Befitting Tech Hub

Nigeria’s rising profile as the new home for tech hubs in Africa received a boost last week with the launch of the GIG Innovation Hub in Benin City, the Edo State capital.

A number of tech hubs, incubators and accelerators have sprung up in different locations of Nigeria in recent times mostly within Lagos and Abuja. While many have praised these initiatives, suggestions have been made to broaden their reach to more parts of Nigeria. With this intervention, an important step in the decentralization effort has just been taken.

The GIG Innovation Hub is equipped with advanced IT facilities geared towards driving the empowerment of students in secondary and tertiary institutions in the areas of web development and programming. With a focused and sustained operation of this hub, it will serve as a veritable tool in shaping young minds for optimum participation in the new economy.

It is hoped that participants at this hub will be primed for active participation in advanced innovative fields like robotics, Artificial Intelligence and associated technological strides that will power new systems and unlock before-unimagined possibilities.

A replication of efforts like this will significantly contribute to empowering Nigerian youths with technological skills for global competitiveness in the digital age.

This project, a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative of GIGM and funded by the Edwin Ajaere Foundation, is housed at Nosakhare Model Education Centre.

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