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DJI Goggles Allows Real-Time Drone Footage, Head Motion Control

Drone technology has revolutionized the way we see our world with boundary pushing technology that opens up the sky to professionals as well as consumers.

DJI Goggles allows real-time drone footage, head motion control. The new DJI Goggles allow users to stream high-quality drone footage in real time, and lets them control the drone by simply moving their head.

The headset connects wirelessly to the Mavic Pro and for the older models, an HDMI cable connects to the controller. On the left side, there is a heat vent, a small speaker and a secured area with slots for HDMI, 3.5mm jack, and a micro SD card. On the right side, a fully working touchpad with multi-touch functionality used to navigate the menus and perform quick-order tasks such as setting flight modes, selecting objects to be tracked and switching viewing options.

Motion control

Motion controlled flight: Allows full control of the drone by tilting the head. The rotation is well-versed and smooth, eliminating the first-person view (FPV) drop sensation that occurs with other VR headsets.

Motion controlled gimbal: Only control the gimbal and not the actual drone. The rotation happens in real time and is fully intuitive. The all-new fixed wing mode enables the drone to fly at a constant speed towards a selected point, allowing the freedom to look around and discover breath-taking views.

The goggles can connect to external devices for videos or gaming, are compatible with all the latest DJI drones and are available online from weFix.

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