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NCC Urges Mobile Network Operators to Improve Service Delivery

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has urged Telecommunication service providers to improve services to consumers in the country, adding that they expand their network coverage to rural areas where there are no networks.

The Deputy Director of Consumer Affairs Bureau of the Commission, Ismail Adedigba disclosed that the over 150million Telecom users in Nigeria deserved a better deal from the various service providers.

Speaking at the “85th Edition of the Consumer Outreach Programme” organized by NCC, Adedigba disclosed that the Commission’s policy on compulsory SIM card registration by users had to a great extent contributed to the reduction of crime rate in the country. He disclosed that on several occasions, the telecommunication service providers had provided relevant information to Security agencies leading to the arrest of criminals, especially kidnappers.

He added that the Commission was working with the various Security Agencies in the country to ensure that those who are illegally selling unregistered SIM cards are arrested and duly prosecuted. He urged people who are of the habit of purchasing unregistered SIM cards from agents of Telecommunication service providers to desist from such act.

He also warned telecommunication service providers in the country to desist from unwholesome practice, saying that the Commission would not hesitate to sanction any defaulter.

According to him, the NCC Consumer Outreach Programme, is one of the ways in which regulators, telecom service providers and consumers are brought together to resolve issues as regard telecom services with the aim of protecting the consumers. Present at the event were Telecommunication service providers-MTN, Airtel etc who proffered solutions to complaints.

Apart from the programme, he said, there were different measures put in place by the Commission to monitor activities and control the excesses of network providers.

He said : “We have measures put in place to checkmate the excesses of Telecom service providers. We have a dedicated department monitoring the network activities to ensure that the network is performing well in terms of quality of service and we have parametres which we call threshold, below which no network should perform and these parameters are being measured and monitored on monthly basis and this is done to monitor the level of compliance by the network. Report is being generated and anyone of them that performs below the parameters is being checkmated.”

“All the service providers are involved in one infraction or the other, it is only that, that of MTN is very big, that is why everybody knows about it. Occasionally, they make infractions and they are being penalized by a way of fine or warning, depending on the magnitude of the infraction. It is not restricted to any particular network alone but anybody that violates the regulations will be punished according to the prescribed and laid down punishment for the violation,” Adedigba affirmed

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