Facebook Unveils Journalism Project to curtail ‘fake news’


Facebook has introduced ‘The Facebook Journalism Project’ which aims to fight the spread of ‘fake news’ on its social network.

It will collaborate with newsrooms and launch a campaign to teach users how to identify false stories in their Newsfeeds.

The ‘Facebook Journalism Project’ will work in three ways according to the announcement:

Collaborative development of news products – Facebook says it will “begin an even deeper collaboration with news organizations across the spectrum.”

It adds that it will offer insights to media organizations and advise them as to the best ways to spread news to its users. Facebook also says that it is “interested” in finding new ways to, “support local news and promote independent media.”

Training & Tools for Journalists – It will offer new e-learning courses for journalists.

The tech firm will also share new tools with partner media organizations to help them to source real stories from its network.

Training & Tools for Everyone – The Company will “work with third-party organizations on how to better understand and to promote news literacy both on and off our platform.”

It will also make it easier for users to flag hoax stories.

Fidji Simo, Facebook director of product said, “Facebook is a new kind of platform and we want to do our part to enable people to have meaningful conversations, to be informed and to be connected to each other.

“We know that our community values sharing and discussing ideas and news, and as a part of our service, we care a great deal about making sure that a healthy news ecosystem and journalism can thrive.”

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