LISNR Partners With NEUKLEOS to Bring Internet of Sound to Africa

Bukky Akingbade, CEO, NEUKLEOS
Bukky Akingbade, CEO, NEUKLEOS

Technology at its best is functional magic, opening a world of untold possibilities. Imagine still being able to use your phone to communicate without Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or a Network. Sounds like magic, right?

LISNR can do that. Their technology uses proprietary inaudible sound waves called Smart Tones to connect devices. It works like existing technology protocol Bluetooth, except LISNR uses sound waves to transmit data and does not require hardware or maintenance.

This is a game changing solution for the continent where reliability regarding data connectivity and mobile phone functionality varies greatly depending on your location and mobile service. LISNR brings proximity data transmission across all mobile phones, including feature phones, and enables solutions, such as contactless payments, mesh networking for messaging, and authentication. The magic behind LISNR is that it will bring equal levels of connectivity to the most advanced cities and the most remote villages in Africa.

This “speakernet” or “The Internet of Sound,” as Williams puts it, gives LISNR the ability to leverage a massive, existing network all around us. “Anywhere there is a speaker or has the ability to broadcast audio like a phone, LISNR has the ability to turn that object or media into a data-transmitting medium.”

Announcing its partnership with Lagos-based digital agency Neukleos, LISNR CEO Rodney Williams explains, “There is a huge need for this technology in Africa. Neukleos brought this need to life. We looking forward to working with Neukleos and Africa’s top telecoms to ensure functionality.”

In 2015, LISNR won the Gold Lion for Innovation in Mobile at Cannes Lions on the strength of partnerships with global brands Budweiser and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

According to Bukola Akingbade, CEO of Neukleos, “This partnership is a merging of vision. Giving feature phones the ability to make payments, authenticate and identify audiences will provide millions of Africans access to functions that they otherwise would not have. LISNR is Africa-ready for today and going into the future.”

As more devices come to market capable of being always on, data-over-audio communications will continue to accelerate. Neukleos will work with LISNR to develop disruptive products for key African markets. Both companies believe that using sound as a data delivery system can radically change how marketers access audiences in Africa.

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