Swift Networks, Cobranet win 25 MHz of 5.4GHz spectrum for Lagos


Swift Networks and Cobranet on Tuesday beat four others to emerge winners of the two slots of 25 MHz of 5.4GHz spectrum for Lagos State in an auction conducted by the Nigeria Communication Commission at the Sandralia Hotel, Abuja.

The other four companies that bided for the slots of 5.4GHz spectrum being used for delivery of wireless broadband services include Juniper Solutions, Steam Broadcasting, E-Kennet and Tizeti Network.

The successful companies have been mandated by the NCC to pay N25, 784,347.10 before January 5, 2017, a balance of the wining amount excluding the amount paid earlier as intention to bid.

The auction process supervised by the Executive Commissioner, Technical Services, Engr. Ubale Maska and managed by the Commission’s Spectrum Committee, chaired by the Director of Spectrum Administration, Engr. Augustin Nwaulune, and witnessed by a cross section of media, was adjudged transparent by the bidders.

Mr. Charles Anudu, CEO, Swift Networks Ltd, said that the process had been very engaging, saying, “NCC has displayed a very high level of transparency. If every regulator in Nigeria can be as transparent as the NCC, Nigeria will do very well.”

He assured that his company would utilize the resource to make NCC proud in the deployment of broadband services.

Mr. Jamil Chaptini, Chief Operating Officer of Cobranet, congratulated NCC for a 100 per cent transparent process, and expressed happiness in winning the slot that will help his company deepen broadband penetration.

Mr. Gboyega Ojuri, CEO Juniper Solutions Ltd, said, “Although the company did not win a slot, we are satisfied with the transparency exhibited by the NCC.”

The NCC deployed Auction as transparent, fair and equitable means for selecting winners in license processes.

According to NCC, for the 5.4 GHz licensing round, availability of the spectrum for licensing was advertised in the regions and states (areas) where they are available.

By the deadline stipulated for application, the commission received different levels of application in the respective areas.

In some areas the number of applications was lower or equal to the number of slots available, in some others, the applications were more than the available slots.

The auction process went through development of information memorandum (IM) including: Requirements; the process; Intention to Bid deposit and Timelines.

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