Spectranet Commemorates Convergence of Lifestyle with New Campaign


Spectranet has launched Phase 2 of its marketing campaign, to buttress the strong positioning as a foremost 4G LTE brand in the country. The campaign celebrates technology as an enabler of a quality family lifestyle in the 21st century.

According to the Head of Marketing, Mike Ogor, The new TVC is an extension of the first campaign which was used to launch the new proposition in the market place. Following this, we observed that consumers accepted our new value proposition, connected with it and were enjoying it. Thus, it was only rational for us to improve on the conversation in such a way that it let us see what more we can do with Spectranet 4G LTE in this clime”.

David Venn, Chief Executive Officer, Spectranet said “Family is the most important institution to us as and we appreciate the importance of that relationship as well as a series of connecting activities that helps us share love, affection as well as empathy in the household, Today, all these can be expressed without the consideration of distance”.

He added that “in the next phase of the campaign, distance, as a word alongside the word impossibility, is what we are taking away from the dictionaries of our subscribers and those that associate with the Spectranet brand.

The world is now within your fingertips and we are proud to say that our leadership position, as the foremost 4GLTE company, puts us in a position to lead the conversation on where our subscribers and the market should go, especially now that we have improved and expanded on our network quality in a manner where even video streaming is the standard conversation.” he concluded.

The new campaign is a national campaign that will be exposed on all possible channels of engagement from social media, through traditional media.

It will be recalled that Spectranet 4GLTE brand has been adjudged the most innovative and respected 4G LTE brand in the country by four different institutions since January 2016.

As a national brand, Spectranet aims to continue to set the pace in the industry and to show its leadership as well as consumer centric nature. Recently, Spectranet enabled the first Netflix server in West Africa.

Speaking during the launch of the Netflix server in West Africa recently, Venn, reiterated that Spectranet 4G LTE has an evolving brand that is designed to consistently innovate its service offering with the single objective of delighting the customer.

According to him, the Netflix server in Spectranet is for the consumers’ happiness, based on our understanding that there will be faster download of movies, whilst at the same time, enjoying more movies, thereby making the Spectranet consumer trendier.

Aside from family entertainment, Spectranet is also focusing on Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), thus the commercial on convergence celebrates the happy business executive in a meeting using the internet facility provided by the office. It was pure excitement on the faces of the people in the boardroom setting as they clap in recognition of the success achieved.

The success story of the business executive is incomplete without the family hence the film dissolved into other frames that show the father reaching out to the daughter through the Ipad during one of her birthday celebrations, while the mother, at another occasion, was helping out a customer.

Spectranet, in the spirit of the season, is also giving consumers something to be happy about with a cash back promotion.

According to Ogor, any customer that purchases a Mifi with 40 GB at N25,000 will get N12,000 cash back over a period of time while consumers that purchase a home or office modem, with 40GB, at thirty five thousand naira will be rewarded five thousand naira cash back.

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