Infinix Clocks 4, Breaks Record with Zero4, Zero4 Plus

Infinix Mobility (Nigeria) broke its own record by launching, first time, two smartphones in a series- Zero 4 and Zero 4 Plus as it marks its fourth anniversary in Nigeria.

With it Infinix smartphone brand now selling in 22 countries, said the launch of the fourth generation from its premium series line stands as one of the biggest phone launch in 2016.

Zero 4

Infinix unveiled the phones at a press briefing in Lagos with the Infinix Zero 4 themed as ‘The Pro’ designed to appeal to professionals and tech-enthusiasts through the perfect configuration of advanced hardware and software.

The Zero 4 succeeds Infinix Zero 3 which has made a name for itself as the perfect photography phone.

The new infinix Zero 4 comes with high-speed performance with 3GB RAM 8-Core Helix, OIS-Optical image stabilization, later autofocus- laser AF, 16 MP back camera with f/2.0 lens and 8MP selfie camera.

Zero 4 Plus

The Infinix Zero 4 Plus promises goes beyond its high performance with HELIO XCO 10_core Tricluster processor and 4GB RAM, the Zero 4 plus meets all the criteria to become one of the best cutting-edge technology smartphone for premium users.


The Infinix Zero 4 Plus camera is equipped with 21MP back camera with f/2.0 larger aperture and 13MP front camera front camera, both Zero 4 & Zero 4 Plus have professional camera features that could calculate precise distance via reflection through emission of a low-pacer laser and also have 4X sharper zoom to create the best photographer shooting experience by enhancing stability and image quality.

Launching the powerful duo marks Infinix fourth year of creating impressive technology.

Speaking about the flagship launch and celebrating four years of existence, Bruno Li, regional country manager, described his excitement saying, “Zero started from Zero to Hero all and now we are on ‘The Pro’, we continue to innovate and ensure we are delivering great value to our customers in Nigeria.

“Unveiling the fourth generation to celebrate our fourth year anniversary is a great milestone for us and we have our fans and customers to thank”.

Meanwhile, Infinix is ushering the Zero 4 and Zero 4 Plus into Nigeria with strategic partner Yudala, Slot and Jumia, to make the phones available to Nigerians.

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