NCC Commits To Protection of Telecom Consumers from Market Exploitation

Globacom, Etisalat Fined By NCC Over Pre-Registered Sims

Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC) has reiterated its commitment to ensure protection of telecom consumers from market exploitation and empowering them to make rational and informed decision when making their choices of services.

According to a statement, Abdullahi Maikano, Director, Consumer Affairs Bureau of NCC in his welcome address at the 22nd edition of Consumer Town Hall Meeting (CTM), with the theme “Information & Education as a Catalyst for Consumer Protection” in Warri, Delta State said, “ At the Nigerian Communications Commission, the telecom consumers are the target beneficiary of all our activities and they enjoy primary focus in terms of ensuring that they get good quality of service, value for money spent, timely and fair redress of complaints and protection from unwholesome practices of some Service Providers.”

The event was one of the initiatives of NCC to bring together Telecom Consumers in the urban areas with the Network Operators and the Regulator (NCC) to discuss, proffer solutions to Consumer related issues and ensure they have value for their money through effective service delivery.

Maikano said, “Consumer education is identified by the Commission as one of the most cost effective mechanism that provides and guarantees consumer protection. Besides serving as a pro-active way of protecting consumers from making wrong choices, it also serves as a preventive measure that protect consumers from being exploited and against fraud.

“To ensure that the telecoms consumer is well Protected, Educated and Informed, the Commission has developed series of initiatives with the main goal of empowering Consumers with appropriate information that will ensure that their rights are not only protected but their choices provide them with value for money.

“These initiatives include, Organising Outreach programmes (TCP, COP & CTM) across the country; Consumer education via factsheets; Information dissemination via Consumer web portal; Interaction via Social media like Twitter handle, face book etc; Responding to enquiries via NCC Call centre on a toll free number – 622 and participating on Radio programmes that educate consumers on their rights and privileges.

“The Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria expressly provides for a number of rights, which are recognized as inalienable to every citizen of the country.

“In the same direction, the Nigerian Communications Commissions (NCC), the regulator with the mandate of regulating the telecommunication industry and the protection of the telecom consumers; also recognize that the rights of every telecoms Consumer must be protected; one of the fundamental rights of the telecom consumer is the right to be informed and educated.

“These rights include but not limited to the right to receive correct information on services they subscribed to; information provided should be clear, complete, and accurate and in a language that will be understood. This would guide them make informed decision when making their choices.

“It is the responsibility of the Service Providers to, Communicate information to consumers in a plain and simple language; Ensure that information provided to consumers is relevant, current, accurate and timely; Ensure that consumers can reliably and easily have access to information that can assist them in making an informed choice and give consumers the choice of receiving information in a language they can understand.”

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