New Online Advertising App to Pay Viewers after You Watch Advert

New Online Advertising App to Pay Viewers after You Watch Advert
New Online Advertising App to Pay Viewers after You Watch Advert

The advertising industry in Kenya is a thriving space where organisations outdo themselves in creativity. There are various mediums through which the adverts are presented to their intended audience. However for the longest time, organizations have relied on traditional advertising channels that do not churn a lot of returns.

This has seen Omnis, an I.T. company that specializes in providing system based solutions and I.T. consultancy services to both SMEs and large organizations, come up with an online advertising app that allows viewers get rewards after watching the advertisement to completion.

The app known as Choto App will help highlight how the phone can be used to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of advertisements and in doing so, bring the advertising companies closer to their target customers while enhancing customer loyalty.

Choto mobile application was pioneered by Omnis limited in the year 2016 and aims to make marketing great and fun. It operates under trademark and copyright. It enables one to watch adverts aired on it and earn rewards from watching. The Choto App does this through offering advertisers an affordable platform for advertising. It exposes their products and services to a wide range of viewers.

The advertisers who would like to use the platform need to visit the Choto App offices to sign a contract and Non-Disclosure agreement with the team. Thereafter they need to place payment for the advertisement needed to be aired.

The advertisers will receive statistics review report concerning the advert they have paid for. Choto App helps the advertisers by pushing the targeted adverts to the viewers who watches them to completion. The advertising companies are able to extract ad statistics from the platform Choto app is affordable for advertising products and services compared to the other platforms and is particularly helpful as it reaches to the audience easily.

The app can be downloaded on Google App store. Users are needed to agree with terms and conditions offered and proceed to create an account.

On the other hand the viewers who watch adverts on the Choto App are able to earn rewards by simply watching adverts to the very end. The viewers are also exposed to a large variety of adverts hence are aware of various products and services offered out there and can be able to engage easily but not blindly during purchase.

The main concept behind the Choto marketing app is based on the large number of smart phone users in the country. We take advantage of the amount of time people spend on their phones per day by providing them with a way to watch adverts and be rewarded for this.The Choto app will allow the advertiser to monitor the viewers’ opinion about their advertisement in real time
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