Tweeter Commences Longer Tweets Next Week

People holding mobile phones are silhouetted against a backdrop projected with the Twitter logo  in Warsaw

As part of its plans to revamp the platform, Micro-blogging site, Twitter will soon allow users to use its 140-character limit to its full extent, with user handles and media attachments excluded from its character count.

User handles (@names) and media attachments (photos, GIFs, videos and polls) will no longer ‘use up’ characters in tweets.

This is according to reports from The Verge, which said two separate people close to the matter have confirmed the move.

Users have requested the feature for a long time, with many saying the 140-character constraint is short enough as it is, without user handles and media attachments taking up ‘space’.

The twitterverse is eager for the feature to be rolled out. Nick Robinson tweeted: “This is literally more exciting than Christmas to me.”

In June, the company started letting users retweet themselves. Previously, users were only able to retweet others. They now have the option to retweet something they said years ago, or add more context to a previous tweet (which will be quoted below).

Other updates in the revamp, which have not all been rolled yet, include dropping the required dot before a user’s username – if they want the tweet to be seen by more than the sender and recipient’s shared followers. Twitter says a new feature will allow replies to be broadcast to all followers.

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