Huawei Launches Communication Platform for Public Security


As part of its company’s Safe City solutions, Huawei, Information and Communications Technology solutions provider, has unveiled an integrated communications platform aimed at boosting public security.

According to the company, the platform can pick up alerts from various channels through social media, Internet of Things etc, and quickly and extensively access videos.

It is designed to enable fast response and handling of security alerts, streamlined coordination of different first responder departments, and granular, informed command decisions, a statement by the company said.

“In today’s digital economy, a variety of new security threats have emerged. We need to evolve from building urban security systems to enhancing collaborative public security,” a former INTERPOL President and Commissioner of the Singapore Police, Khoo Boon Hui, was quoted as saying at the summit.

“We must keep pace with rapid societal and technological changes, and improve security arrangements for inter-agency collaboration as well as deepen police-public cooperation.”

Stressing that urban security practices need to change, the Director for Security and Critical Communications Research at HIS described free flow of data as the key to safer cities.

According to Huawei, the integrated communication platform solves the problem of different agencies using incompatible technologies, networks.

“The ICP serves as the brain of the command center, picking up alerts from multiple different channels, and enabling unified voice and video communications,” it said.

“It provides dedicated videoconferencing channels for police command, expert consultants, and even first responders in the field. Voice, video, and data transmissions can be directed to any user group or devices via software-defined networks.”

Specifically, the system swiftly collects security footage onto an open cloud platform for analysis using a range of smart analysis apps delivered by Huawei’s partners.

The company’s other video solutions include Front-end Intelligence and Quick Video Synopsis. Front-end Intelligence is a smart network solution that delivers cloud analytic intelligence directly to Cable Circuit Television equipment monitoring people, vehicles, and processes.

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