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National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) declares that awareness is a key factor in the running of ICT related activities and implementing policies guideline for driving ICT in Nigeria.

Dr. Vincent Olatunji, Acting Director General, NITDA spoke at length with 30 bloggers in Oregun, Ikeja Lagos today on the different measures the agency has been taking to improve ICT in Nigeria. He laid emphasis on the fact that creating awareness, going into persuasion and putting in place the necessary legislative framework will guide the agency on what to do and how to do it.

He further explained that the agency is going through extra miles in trying to take the country out of recession, an awareness is being created in the public sector to make them know that they can’t compete globally without healthy involvement of ICT. NITDA is also training the public sector on how to well in ICT, ensuring that ICT is important in any recruitment in the public sector.

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Mr Vincent Olatunji, Ag, Director General, NITDA & NIGERIAN BLOGGERS


“in implementing our policies, we create our awareness through stakeholders, seminars, workshops, media campaign like this one we are having, meeting with MD’s, awareness campaign and other necessary things” said Dr. Vincent Olatunji

In a bid to protect Nigerians online, Dr. Vincent Olatunji said that they are building a network capacity for network operators to protect them against hacking and various online havoc. He also said concerning cybercrime that in Nigeria they have a lot of work to do but he is glad that they are making progress, they now have a Cybercrime Act which will enable them charge anyone guilty to court.

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Mr Vincent Olatunji, Ag, Director General, NITDA & NIGERIAN BLOGGERS


He concluded saying “we have sectors in the agency and all we did was to engage each of the sectors and to really tag them the inherent potentials in the ICT industry. We hold workshops, seminars, creative programmes and about two years ago we started a project on training those in the media and we are planning two of the same programme this year to make them know the tool they need in disseminating information, and after the training we give them Tab so that they can write and send their stories anywhere they are”

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