MTN Business is ready to assist Businesses of all sizes and help them grow

Sam Addo General Manager, MTN Business Ghana
Sam Addo
General Manager, MTN Business Ghana

How successful has MTN Business unit been in Ghana?

MTN Business since its inception in 2011 has become a leading provider and partner in delivering ICT services to businesses in Ghana and beyond. We are proud to say that we boast of a unique mix of clientele such as Large corporate, government agencies , and most importantly SMEs who we take pride in providing solutions that enable them grow.

What are the unique products and services MTN Business solutions offers?

MTN Business, has the largest known ICT based enterprise product portfolio for businesses in Ghana . We have a range of products and solutions spanning across calling solutions, networking, internet, mobile financial services, connectivity, data center services and M2M services on the market tailored to the needs of our customers.

How competitive is your pricing?

Our pricing is highly competitive and as such enables us to serve all kinds of businesses, from startups to well established corporates and multinationals. Our key account managers normally holds discussions with prospects to arrive at a price point that is accommodating to all parties and this is why we have such a high retention rate of customers in the industry .

In what role is MTN Business supporting the growth of SMEs in Ghana?

MTN Business has SMEs at heart. It is our mission to inspire and enable their growth. We don’t just say this, we live it. Apart from our extensive range of SME based business solutions, we have some of our services such as vehicle tracking, audio conferencing and directory services in partnership with multiple SMEs .

In so doing, we not only drive their growth but bring visibility to their potential on the market. Again we are the major sponsors of the upcoming Ghana SME 100 Ranking awards that seek to recognize up and coming SMEs and celebrate their success.

We have identified Easifon as one of your most exciting product. Can you share more insight on that product and its impact on your business?

MTN Eazifon has been one of our breakthrough products into the SME space. It has received an outstanding market response and urged us on to bring more of such services to the market. It is basically a handset with fixed phone properties however powered by a SIM card .It allows the user to keep track of their usage either through a postpaid option or through the MTN recharge voucher top up and also allows the flexibility to move it around to various locations.

Customer experience is the back bone of every business. How would you rate your performance on satisfying your customers ?

We are proud to say that in our most recent market survey, MTN Business came out above all others as providing the best customer relations through our key account managers and also being the best in providing 24/7 technical after sales support .

What are some of the challenges with Enterprise Solutions in the Ghanaian market?

The most challenging aspect for us as a business is gaining access to all businesses in Ghana and educating them to the various ways we can support them ease their operational burdens. MTN Business is ready to assist businesses of all sizes and help them grow. As such, this year, we have strategized to open up our customer-facing sales force to better reach more businesses and create more channels of engagement with business men and women in Ghana.
Governments are supposed to be one of the largest buyers of connectivity solutions. Has that sector been a focus area for MTN business .

The Government sector is so crucial to us, as an enabler of technological growth , that MTN Business has a unit specifically created to handle government projects and requirements. The government is made up of you and I and we are keen to play the greater role in bringing connectivity to the entire nation through the governmental channels .

Going forward, what will be the growth drivers for MTN business in Ghana?

The growth drivers for MTN Business will be mainly building partnerships and reaching the unserved business market, most importantly the SME sector in Ghana.

If asked to make three wishes what will they be?

Firstly, That God will continue to bless our homeland Ghana, which has been the home to all businesses including ours and has allowed MTN to contribute to its development.
Secondly, that all Ghanaian businesses will take full advantage of the ICT solutions that we offer to ease their burdens and help them expand their footprint.

My third wish is that SMEs in Ghana will grow to become large multinational organizations in the next 5 -10 years proudly powered and supported by the solutions offered by MTN Business.

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