Q & A with Osamede Umweni, CEO of 70th Precinct

Osamede Umweni, CEO of 70th Precinct

Tell us about70th Precinct

Founded in 2008, 70TH Precinct Ltd is one of the leading mobile value added services provider in Nigeria, partnering with content and applications providers across the globe. We are dedicated in providing first class entertainment, informative and relevant mobile contents.

70TH Precinct helps mobile operators, brands and marketing agencies engage their customers. We deliver creative mobile solutions in products and services that drive revenue for mobile operators, brand advertisers and content owners alike. We enable brands to deliver rich, targeted marketing campaigns through bespoke mobile solutions.

What are your current services?

Content Aggregation: We currently work with some of the leading content providers across the world; we specialize in delivering bespoke mobile content services to both mobile operators and consumers. At 70TH Precinct we can supply specific contents and services in different territories worldwide. We have that capability to do that and already doing so as I speak.

Mobile Contents: All our content categories are can be provided in the major languages in the world. So we can deploy them in other African countries, we are currently working with a local aggregator in Cameroon. The content comes in various platforms e.g. MT and MO. End users can obtain our content based on a subscription model, or based on a per-request model.

SMS Content: We also provide SMS services in different formats including: Sports, News and Entertainment etc. Our contents can be localized and customized according to each market.  Our high quality SMS content services are suitable for both subscription based (SMS Push) and ‘on demand’ (SMS Pull) environments.  Our SMS service are very easy to integrate via our API, you can be receiving our SMS content feeds within a few hours of connection.

MMS Content: We provide subscription based MMS content from all the different mobile content categories News, Entertainment, and Sports. The content too can be customized to a particular territory.
Multimedia Content: Through its user agent detection applications, 70TH Precinct is able to offer the end user multimedia content that’s handset compatible. We offer Ringtones, Java Games, Backgrounds and Animations, Themes, and Video.

Mobile Magazine
Our mobile WAP based magazine satisfies the interest in celebrity lives providing the latest news and gossip from Hollywood direct to the mobile.

Mobile Marketing: We also deliver mobile solutions that drive revenue for mobile operators, brand advertisers and content owners alike. We enable brands to deliver rich, targeted marketing campaigns through the mobile phone. We deliver mobile solutions that drive revenue for mobile operators, brand advertisers and content owners alike. We design medium to large scale promotional and reward campaign program for brands and mobile network alike too. We are currently working on a national promo slated for the third quarter.

 Mobile Application Development: This the era of mobile apps and it is gradually catching on here in Nigeria, all the necessary ingredients to drive the Nigerian mobile apps market is now taking shape gradually. For example 80% of Nigerian mobile web users now have access to 3G and it is growing. 25% of the mobile phones devices in all the 4 mobile networks are smartphone users.Nokia the share leader in the devices market now have a Nigerian Ovi Store.Glo has developed Nigerian’s first mobile app store (completely delivered by 70Th Precinct) to fully take advantage of the fast growing market.Blackberry  has opened it Nigerian office. Apple now has a Nigerian store.Samsung has launched it Bada Apps Store. You can see that the entire jigsaw is coming into place. We have positioned ourselves to take full advantage of this market. We already were talking to brands to develop apps for them now.

Local content have been a key issue, any plans to develop local content for operators and brand owners

Most definitely, we are working on developing several unique local content services. By the end of the year we would introduce about two unique local contents into the market. We would invite you guys when we would launch them.

Who are your partners?

 Like I said in my introduction, we have developed a unique working relationship with all our partners. We go out to look for content providers that can deliver bespoke products and services to our market. Also, don’t forget that apart from delivery satisfaction (which is very paramount) to consumers, all our products must be able to generate revenue for the telecos too. We work with some of the best hands in the mobile content industry, currently we work with ROK Operations UK, Perform Media Group UK ( of Goal.Com the biggest football website in the world) Infindo Technology, TA Telecoms (Egypt) Mobile Content (Ghana) GTS (Cameroon) they are numerous to mention here.

What are your major achievements?

First of all, for been in business in this climate of ours is an achievement on its own. If one looked back, I would say our delivery of the first mobile apps store Glo is a unique achievement in itself. This is the first of its kind in this part of the world and for a mobile operator for that matter. We also delivered the best football mobile content service in partnership with Goal.Com in Nigeria. I can beat my chest to say no other content provider have the kind of rich and exciting bouquet in Nigeria like our football service. You get football news and live scores real time.

Any challenges

Hmmm……  definitely there are challenges in any business one find himself doing. We all know that the cost of doing business is very high here. My only wish is that the authorities should put in place all the necessary infrastructure s to make life conducive for all. On the business side, revenue share with the mobile network are not favourable to us content providers and aggregators. For example you get content from someone in Asian and you want to deploy in this market, majority of the mobile operators take a very large chunk of the revenue. The content owners don’t understand why it should be that way, instead of the other way round. That is a big challenge for us.

Where do you see 70th precinct in 5 years time?

We want become the reference point in our chosen industry and to become the number one or the undisputed leader of the mobile value service sector in Africa. With God on our side it is achievable.

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